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Release the trigger of muscle wellness in your body!

Did you know that little twitch in your muscle could be severely decreasing (sometimes even ceasing!) blood flow to that area of your body?


Use our specialized neuromuscular therapy to dig deep into your body's softest tissues and relieve painful muscle spasms!

What is neuromuscular therapy?

That twitch you're feeling is not a spasm in the entire muscle but a spasm in a specific part. As your spasm reverberates, it triggers pain and discomfort throughout the rest of the muscle. With neuromuscular massage therapy, you now have a way to get to the root of that pain!


As this central spasm, or trigger point, reverberates and causes pain in other parts of your muscle, the flow of blood, oxygen, and other nutrients is severely decreased, prompting a buildup of lactic acid and muscle soreness.


Neuromuscular therapy is then a specialized tissue massage that treats the muscle spasm at its very trigger, relieving the central spasm, eliminating the reverberation and returning healthy blood and oxygen flow to that area of the body.

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